The Fair Climate Network is an open and welcoming Network of grassroots NGOs who wish to tap carbon resources for the sustainable development of the poor. Membership criteria and procedures are not written in stone.

As a result, we comprise a wide range of committed and competent individuals and organisations, including grassroots NGOs, climate change activists, journalists, environmental NGOs, northern (donor) NGOs, youth and youth groups, carbon investors, social entrepreneurs, carbon auditors, suppliers of green technology, IT companies and professionals, finance experts, management consultants, etc.

Though the Fair Climate Network currently operates only in India, activists and development workers from other countries are also a part of our group in order to contribute, learn and, perhaps, set up similar Networks in their own countries.

How to Join

Individuals and organisations who wish to be a part of the Network would normally interact other Network members and gain an understanding of CDM and carbon resources. They would also acquaint themselves with our position on climate change and mitigation.

They would learn about and attend an FCN Meeting. The Fair Climate Network has held 8 formal meetings to date, and more than 20 times, in smaller groups, on specific topics and issues.

Once comfortable with fellow Network Members, they would begin exploring CDM possibilities for the sustainable development of the poor they work with in their area of coverage.

The only condition for membership is that we will assist only pro-poor CDM Projects undertaken by grassroots NGOs who have an intimate contact with the communities they work with, and have open, transparent and upfront Carbon Revenue Sharing Agreements with these families and communities.