ADATS Biogas Project

ADATS, Bagepalli

Climate Change activists and friends of ADATS registered the world's first pro-poor CDM Project on 10 December 2005 with the UNFCCC to build 5,500 domestic biogas units that would replace non-renewable biomass and generate 19,553 CERs every year for the next 21 years. Please see

It was also registered with Gold Standard to certify sustainability. Please see

Velcan Energy, France, bought the entire 136,871 GS CERs that would be generated in the first 7 years, in advance, for an upfront payment of € 1.1 million. With this money, ADATS built 5,488 domestic biogas units for as many poor women in 339 villages.

In keeping with ADATS policy to not make pecuniary gain from carbon revenues, not a single Rupee was spent on overheads. 16 teams of ADATS Field Staff implemented this CDM Project voluntarily. 128 local Masons were trained to build these units. Labour was contributed free of cost by End User families. Neighbours assisted single women and the elderly. The total expenditure on the project was ₹ 62.55 million and average cost worked out to a mere ₹ 11,398 per Biogas unit.

End User women stopped using non-renewable fuels. They cook in a cleaner environment, spend less time in the kitchen, do not have the hassle of collecting firewood, do not suffer from indoor air pollution besides, at the same time, contribute to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions — a vital environmental service to humans as a whole.

Repair, maintenance and monitoring systems worked perfectly till drought struck. For the past 4 years monsoons failed and people began to face serious problems. The women braved it for 3 years with no fodder, distress sale of cattle, and finally no water even for daily necessities. Finally, the drought broke their backs and from July 2016, functionality began to drop below 80%.

  • Today, after 12 years, 3,128 units (57%) are still working. Another 902 (16%) are under repair, and 1,458 (27%) face problems that cannot be solved.
  • As of today, total usage stands at 19.25 million days and, as per our digitized monitoring system, a total of 161,394 tCO2-e has been generated.
  • Of these, 153,936 GS CERs have been verified by accredited Carbon Auditors and issued into the UNFCCC and Gold Standard Registries.
  • After receiving 101,848 CERs (75% of our ERPA commitment), Velcan Energy generously decided to forgo the remaining 35,023 tCO2-e. All further Carbon Credits would belong to End User families. To this, they gifted another 10,456 CERs they had with them!

ADATS is looking for potential Carbon Buyers. Every single Rupee we get as carbon revenue will be given to these End User women as a reward for the environmental service they have provided. ADATS will not hold back a single Rupee of Carbon Revenue and the entire proceeds from these and future sale of GS CERs. The entire proceeds will go to End User women, in proportion to their usage days. Rural women will actually be compensated for doing their housework in a climate friendly manner.

The vintage of the CERs/GS CERs we have on offer are as under:

7,222 CERs 1st Crediting Period 2012
3,234 CERs 2nd Crediting Period 2013
52,088 GS CERs 2nd Creding Period Sept 2013 to Dec 2016