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Musings on the Global Response to COVID-19
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 31 May 2020

Musings on the Global Response to COVID-19Lockdown was just an immediate initial response to gain an understanding of the never-before-seen “novel” coronavirus. Irrespective of how it was presented to the population, it was never intended to be the magic bullet to defeat COVID-19. To therefore call it a knee jerk reaction that failed, even if it did not give anticipated results, would be wrong. It has given us time to plan a more realistic and effective response. A critical examination of learning gained – epidemiology, virology, response protocols – is the urgent need of the hour. On the other hand, pretending to be infallible and refusing to examine even limited results and failures will be the stupidest course to take.

ADATS Daily Reports on Migrants
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 26 May 2020

ADATS Daily Reports on MigrantsOn Sunday, 10 May 2020 we got to know that large number of Migrants had reached the Karnataka-AP border, right at our doorsteps. Ever since, ADATS Staff started going out every evening to asist as many as possible make a smooth crossing. We distributed a little bit to eat, drinking water and money to help them on their epic walk back home. Whenever possible, checkpoint authorities and we stopped Northbound trucks to ferry the Migrants at least a part of the thousands of kilometres they'd set out to trek. This is a compilation of emails we have been sending out to friends and well-wishers on our daily interactions and learning from some of the bravest youngsters we've ever met.

The Coolie Sangha I Visualised 49 years back...
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 20 February 2020

The Coolie Sangha I Visualised 49 years back...650 Coolie Sangha members came over 2 days to receive carbon revenue from the sale of Forestry credits sequestered through the planting of trees on their scattered holdings. To date, 509 families have received a total of Rs 1.77 crore Another 3,128 End User women have received Rs 3.03 crore through the sale of Emission Reductions they generated by using their Biogas units instead of non-renewable biomass. In the next few months, these women will receive another Rs 1.09 crore taking their total "business earnings through environmental services rendered to society at large" to Rs 4.99 crore Ram Esteves spoke about the current political economy, the Coolie Sangha, the agricultural economy, capitalism, climate change and carbon revenue in order to contextualise their heroic efforts.

Keynote Address to ADATS Woodstoves Project
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 13 February 2020

Keynote Address to ADATS Woodstoves ProjectThe Coolie Sangha of yesterday was a unity forged in order to overcome poverty and tackle feudal oppression. You have achieved your objectives. Those functions of the Coolie Sangha are no longer relevant. In today’s world, we need the Coolie Sangha in a state of permanent cooperation and mutuality. It should be a Unity that continually stands for justice, protection and support for each other. This Unity is the basis for Social Capital needed by individual poor to aggregate their efforts and draw upon the community in order to succeed in new age business ventures that ADATS will identify and facilitate.

ADATS-Coolie Sangha brochure
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 22 November 2018

ADATS-Coolie Sangha brochureWay back in 2010, Andrew Slater and Heather Wilson from New Zealand, made a brilliant brochure on ADATS and the Coolie Sangha

Job opening - Project Facilitator
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 13 May 2018

Job opening - Project FacilitatorIf you wish to be a part of an exciting journey where we attempt to go beyond poverty alleviation into facilitating rural women to participate in a climate friendly new-age economy of tomorrow, read this document and apply: QUALIFICATION: • Analytical mind able to grasp and communicate economic theory, gender, and a left of centre ideology. • proficient in English and Telugu. • Willing to live and work in an assigned district/block headquarter for 3 weeks a month, and at the FCN headquarters at Bagepalli for 1 week in order to keep abreast with developments.

Engendering Climate Projects
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 11 April 2018

Engendering Climate ProjectsThe "Project" is not Climate Change. The Project is social transformation. Social transformation will remain a utopian utterance, without scale and long-term involvement. Climate Projects offer both; an opportunity to reach out to hundreds of thousands of rural poor and stay intimately involved for decades. Social transformation can be achieved only through a bottom up process of dialogue and conversation with the rural poor and, among them, the most disadvantaged, rural women. By and large, grassroots NGOs are efficient and cost effective in implementing Climate mitigation/adaptation projects. After implementing the technologies, actual usage has to be monitored and the units maintained for 10-21 years. Centralised management followed by NGOs will not work. Monitoring, repair and maintenance can be carried out only by End User women themselves. A hapless lot, crushed through millennia of systematised social oppression, cannot be expected to magically take control of a global effort. They must first feel emboldened, empowered and enabled to take control of their own lives within their own households, which are the traditional bastions of patriarchy. FCN Member NGOs need to support all and every effort made by rural women to take control of their lives. A radical alteration of organisational structure and style of functioning is needed. When effective post-construction/implementation systems are in place, carbon offsets will be generated and translate into carbon revenue. Delivery commitments to carbon investors will be met. After that, revenue will continually be generated to compensate End User women and also maintain the systems/revenue flow. These have to be viewed as instruments for social transformation.

Impact of Biogas Interventions on Forest Biomass & Regeneration in southern India
Submitted by: Meghna Agarwal 11 July 2017

Impact of Biogas Interventions on Forest Biomass & Regeneration in southern IndiaMeghna Agarwal (Earth Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Columbia University), under the guidance of Ruth DeFries and others, conducted a research study on the impact of Biogas interventions on forest biomass and regeneration. Programs to provide alternative energy sources such as Biogas improve indoor air quality and potentially reduce pressure on forests from fuel wood collection. This study tests concludes that Biogas intervention results in higher forest biomass and forest regeneration in degraded forests in the ADATS/Coolie Sangha working area at Chickballapur, Karnataka, India. Results indicate the potential for alternative energy sources that reduce dependence on fuel wood to promote regeneration of degraded forests.

Crowdfunding FCN Projects
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 11 June 2017

Crowdfunding FCN ProjectsConventional Crowdfunding raises once-off resources for a single cause or venture. In the context of the Fair Climate Network, Crowdfunding is an arrangement where a group of climate conscious individuals and/or companies, who cannot individually finance the total cost of an environmentally valuable climate activity, join together to pool resources to implement, maintain and monitor the project. Unlike normal Crowdfunding Platforms, in the case of pro-poor community owned and managed projects, there is need for much larger, long-term, multi-year, committed contributions that will not be repaid in cash, but in a monetized environmental service.

170529 Uttarakhand Visit Report
Submitted by: Ram 29 May 2017

170529 Uttarakhand Visit ReportReport on the 9 day visit to the foothills and lower ranges of the Himalayas, to the working areas of SUVIDHA, NNS and Sanjeevani.