Library - Biogas Technology

Family Data Collection Format
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 14 May 2011

Family Data Collection FormatThis Data Survey Format is to be used when collecting family data for the preparation of any Emission Reduction project. Please download and print to collect family-wise data and feed into the Tristle monitoring solution. Please do not enter the data into Excel for 2 reasons: 1. The data will not be validated and prone to a lot of errors 2. Tristle will not import the data from Excel into the monitoring solution. This is a common format for: any Standard used (CDM, Gold Standard or other), any Technology (Biogas, Woodstoves, Photovoltaic Lamps, LCF, Drinking Water, etc.) When actually developing the PDD, it is very probable that the Tech Team will want additional information on a select number of families to calculate baseline. Special formats will be developed at that time to be administered to a limited number of families.

TNO Recommendations on Biogas Construction
Submitted by: Mario Esteves 19 February 2010

TNO Recommendations on Biogas ConstructionUnder a Corporate Responsibility Programme, ADATS and Icco invited TNO, a scientific body from the Netherlands, to please give their recommendations to improve our biogas digester construction techniques. Their report covers Durability, Construction, Efficiency (Gas Production), Emissions, Alternate Use of Biogas for Electrictiy, and a Summary with Recommendations.

Construction Engineering Diagram
Submitted by: Mario Esteves 19 February 2010

Construction Engineering DiagramADATS has experimented with the Deenabandu 2 cubic meter model of biogas digesters and (almost) perfected it through the construction of more than 23,500 units! This engineering diagram will be useful for all who wish to build domestic biogas units in the villages.