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State Action Plans on Climate Change
Submitted by: Ajay Jha 18 August 2011

State Action Plans on Climate ChangeMost State Plans are being developed in complete isolation with views of experts, researchers, academics and civil society in the state. A number of them are seen to be completely disconnected with the geography, economy and social realities of the state; the templates could be equally relevant (rather irrelevant) for any state with the change in name and title. Many of the states are being helped by World Bank, UNDP, DFID, GIZ etc. and have enough suggestions on how these state plans are being influenced by international climate change politics, manifolds increase in power production being one of them. It is exactly from where strong proposals to earn carbon credits from forests and soil carbon sequestration are coming, without states knowing much about the prevalent debates and apprehensions on these aspects.

Since Copenhagen
Submitted by: Siddharth D'Souza 14 November 2010

Since CopenhagenSiddharth & Nafisa D'Souza have prepared a one-sheeter on all that has happened since CoP15. This is an excellent summation, particularly useful for those who wish to attend/follow CoP16 at Cancun.

Carbon offsets for forestry and bioenergy: Researching opportunities for poor rural communities
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 01 August 2010

Carbon offsets for forestry and bioenergy: Researching opportunities for poor rural communitiesLeo Peskett, Jessica Brown & Kate Schreckenberg from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), U.K., conducted a research study to look at the opportunities that carbon offset projects offer for poor rural communities.

091116 Speech at CDM Watch
Submitted by: Ram Esteves 18 February 2010

091116 Speech at CDM WatchOn 16 November 2009, several FCN Members attended a day long workshop organised by CDM Watch. Ram Esteves gave a speech explaining the Fair Climate Network and our position vis-a-vis "bad" CDM Projects.