ADATS & CDM Projects

ADATS is a secular NGO working with 39,296 small and poor peasant families in 902 villages of Chickballapur district, Karnataka, for the past 44 years. We work in the fields of Community Organisation, Adult Literacy, Children's Education, Community & Referral Health, support to issues and struggles with Legal Aid & Aid Distress, Dry Land Development, Agriculture, alternate Credit, Women's Programmes, Climate Mitigation, etc. We also address issues of gender justice, secularism and democratization. ADATS has considerable expertise in climate mitigation and adaptation. Please visit for more information.

For the first 4 years after the Clean Development Mechanism was set up by the UNFCCC, the only pro-poor CDM Projects in the world were found in Chickballapur district of South India. Impressive resources have been tapped for pro-poor rural CDM Projects.

  • A 5,500 domestic biogas units CDM was registered in December 2005. These units have already been implemented at a cost of € 1.1 million got through the forward sale of the first 7 years' CER generation.
    The first 11,761 CERs have been verified and issued into the ETS (Carbon Market). The second monitoring is under way to issue another 57,642 CERs into the registry. This project is also certified under Gold Standard.
  • Another 18,000 biogas units CDM got registered in August 2009, and an ERPA signed to receive € 4.9 million, in advance, through the forward sale of 384,144 CERs that will be generated in the first 9 years.
    Construction of these 18,000 units has started and the project is getting registered under Gold Standard.
  • An A/R CDM to plant trees on 18,000 hectares of rain fed dry lands is in an advanced stage of validation. We intend mobilising € 27 million, once again through the forward sale of tCERs.
  • A 5 Megawatt Solar Farm CDM is under preparation (€ 14 million). If it works, as it should, we will add 6 more.

ADATS has taken the lead to form the Fair Climate Network since we are involved in this field for almost 14 years, and believe it our duty to transfer our experiential learning to others.