Project Details

REDS, Photovoltaic Lamps

Client Name Rural Education for Development Society
Short Name REDS
Client Type Grassroots NGO
Synopsis REDS is a 24 year old NGO whose aim is to empower the Dalit community as an internally governing community so that its economic, social, cultural, civil and political Rights are guaranteed and safeguarded.
Address REDS Road
City Tumkur
Pin Code 572102
State Karnataka
Project Title REDS CDM Photovoltaic Lighting Project
Project Description Along with 6 other grassroots NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Chhattisgarh, RCDRC is developing skills and capabilites to undertake Low Carbon Farming on 1,000 acres of land belonging to 310 farmer families.
Standard CDM & Gold Standard
Technology Photovoltaic Lamps
Units 1,000
Families 310
Methodology AMS-I.A. Electricity generation by the User
Estimated Annual ERs 1,500
CDM Contact Raj, M.C.

Started On 01 August 2007
Activity Processes Touched 3 of 15
Tasks Completed 7 of 140

Task Log

15. Registration 15.3. Webhost for Registration 15.3.5. PDD Registered 10 Aug 0910 Aug 09 UNFCCC  
15. Registration 15.3. Webhost for Registration 15.3.4. Resubmit Revised PDD to UNFCCC 16 Apr 0916 Apr 09 DOE  
15. Registration 15.3. Webhost for Registration 15.3.3. Revise PDD to Address Minor Corrections and/or Review Questions 11 Apr 0911 Apr 09 Project Proponent & Tech Team  
15. Registration 15.3. Webhost for Registration 15.3.2. Minor Corrections & PDD Review, if any 1 Apr 091 Apr 09 UNFCCC  
15. Registration 15.1. Registration Fee 15.1.2. Pay the CDM Registration Fee to the E.B., UNFCCC 3 Nov 0817 Nov 08 Project Proponent  
14. Validating the PDD 14.4. Modalities of Communication (MoC) 14.4.1. Choose Contact Person(s) for Modalities of Communication and Submit Form to DOE 14 Apr 0824 Apr 08 Project Proponent  
13. Obtaining Host Country Approval 13.2. Attend Personal Interview with Designated National 13.2.6. Grant Host Country Approval 1 Aug 0723 Jan 08 DNA