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SEDS, Low Carbon Farming

Client Name Social Education & Development Society
Short Name SEDS
Client Type Grassroots NGO
Synopsis SEDS is a 28 year old NGO which works under the motto “towards a greener tomorrow” on natural resources development and management, community organisation, health and education in over 130 villages.
Address Anandapuram,
Pedamanthur, S.O
City Penukonda
Pin Code 515124
State Andhra Pradesh
Project Title SEDS - LCF
Project Description Along with 4 other Participant NGOs, SEDS has embarked on a project to leverage domestic & international Carbon Markets to support scaled up Sustainable Agriculture activities on 1,500 hectares of land in Anantapur District, A.P. This will be scaled up to cover 50% of the farmers that SEDS works with.
Standard Low Carbon Farming Standard of the FCN
Technology Low Carbon Farming
Units 1,500
Families 1,500
Methodology FCN-EDF Methodology for Low Carbon Farming
Estimated Annual ERs 2,250
CDM Contact Manil Jayasena Joshua

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