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BEST, Low Carbon Farming

Client Name Bharath Environment Seva Team
Short Name BEST
Client Type Grassroots NGO
Synopsis BEST has been working in the Pudukotttai district of Tamil Nadu since 1984. It works to improve the status of rural women and promote ecological farming and environmental development through them in 12 villages. Income generation and social awareness programmes through non-formal education are also major components.
Address Thondaiman Herbal Forest
Narthamalai & Post
City Pudukottai
Pin Code 622101
State Tamil Nadu
Project Title BEST - Low Carbon Farming
Project Description Along with 4 other Participant NGOs, BEST has embarked on a project to leverage domestic & international Carbon Markets to support scaled up Sustainable Agriculture activities on 1,000 hectares of land in Pudukotai District, Tamilnadu. This will be scaled up to cover 50% of the farmers that BEST works with.
This Project is under an FCN-EDF Collaboration.
Standard Low Carbon Farming Standard of the FCN
Technology Low Carbon Farming
Units 1,000
Families 1,000
Methodology FCN-EDF Methodology for Low Carbon Farming
Estimated Annual ERs 1,500
CDM Contact Athiyaman

Started On 24 January 2012
Activity Processes Touched 1 of 15
Tasks Completed 1 of 140

Task Log

9. Determining Project Duration (PDD) 9.1. Address Project Duration Issues 9.1.1. Anticipate a Realistic Start Date for the CDM Project 24 Jan 1226 Jan 12 Project Proponent