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WASSAN, Low Carbon Farming

Client Name Watershed Support Services and Activities Network
Short Name WASSAN
Client Type Agriculture Sector NGO
Synopsis WASSAN is a support organisation that provides technical services and skills development to about 40 NGOs in the areas of watershed development. Of late, WASSAN has started directly intervention projects that promote diversified farming systems. Besides providing support to other NGOs, they now work on about 16,000 acres of land belonging to 7,400 farmers in about 10 Mandalams of Rangareddi, Mehaboobnagar and Anantapur districts of A,P.
Address H.No. 12-13-450,
Street No. 1,
City Secunderabad
Pin Code 500017
State Andhra Pradesh
Project Title WASSAN Low Carbon Farming
Project Description Along with 4 grassroots NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, WASSAN is developing skills and capabilites to undertake Low Carbon Farming on 13,400 acres of land belonging to 650 farmer families in Rangareddy district
Standard Low Carbon Farming Standard of the FCN
Technology Low Carbon Farming
Units 13,400
Families 650
Methodology FCN-EDF Methodology for Low Carbon Farming
Estimated Annual ERs 26,800
CDM Contact Ramachandrudu, M.V.

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