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IIMF, Low Carbon Farming

Client Name Indu Intideepam Mutual Aided Cooperative Thrift/Credit Societies Federation Ltd.
Short Name IIMF
Client Type Community Based Organisation (CBO)
Synopsis IIMP is created as a result of 30 years of community organisation work by GRAM in Adilabad district. It is an impressive people's organisation that has taken up huge socioeconomic projects in favour of its vast and spreading membership.
City Adilabad
State Andhra Pradesh
Project Title IIMF - Low Carbon Farming
Project Description Along with 4 grassroots NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, IIMF is developing skills and capabilites to undertake Low Carbon Farming on 4,000 acres of land belonging to 2,000 farmer families in Adilabad district
Standard Low Carbon Farming Standard of the FCN
Technology Low Carbon Farming
Units 4,000
Families 2,000
Methodology FCN-EDF Methodology for Low Carbon Farming
Estimated Annual ERs 8,000
CDM Contact K. Bhojaraju

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