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CeFHA, Low Carbon Farming

Client Name Centre for Humanitarian Assistance Trust
Short Name CeFHA
Client Type Grassroots NGO
Synopsis CeFHA pursues a rights-based approach to empowering communities, especially women and children. CeFHA works with the indigenous communities, especially women and children, in and around the port city of Visakhapatnam. Member of the 3rd FCN-LCF Coalition
Address Sai Nagar,
Near MRO Office,
City Kotauratla
Pin Code 531085
State Andhra Pradesh
Project Title CeFHA - Low Carbon Farming
Project Description Along with 6 other grassroots NGOs in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Chhattisgarh, CeFHA is developing skills and capabilites to undertake Low Carbon Farming on 800 acres of land belonging to 500 farmer families in Vishakapatnam district
Standard Low Carbon Farming Standard of the FCN
Technology Low Carbon Farming
Units 800
Families 500
Methodology FCN-EDF Methodology for Low Carbon Farming
Estimated Annual ERs 1,600
CDM Contact Dr. Sasi Prabha

Started On Not Monitored
Activity Processes Touched 0 of 15
Tasks Completed 0 of 140

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