Sanjeevani Woodstoves Project

SANJEEVANI is a 17 year old grassroots NGO based at Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, implementing various projects whose location and design are pre-determined by state and private funders. We have facilitated more than 13,431 farmers preserve the de facto organic practices of the region, undertake value addition, quality control and market organic produce. We implemented various non-farm activities such as dairy, floriculture, weaving, handicraft etc. Using these projects, we developed a technically qualified core group as well as a cadre in the villages.

Within this "social contractor" role, we have been attempting to develop a longer and stronger relationship with the 15,000 families we have come in contact with over the years.

Our opportunity came in April 2013 when, along with two fellow NGOs working in the same district, we joined the Fair Climate Network. After several meetings, exposure visits, skill and conceptual training sessions, we undertook a comprehensive demographic and energy usage survey of individual households. The FCN Tech Team used this data to prepare a PDD and register a Climate Project with the Gold Standard. One of the components of this Climate Project was to supply 2 fuel efficient woodstoves to each of 5,000 women SANJEEVANI works with. We held village meetings and made every single End User woman understand that this was a business transaction. By using her Woodstoves, she would cut her fuel wood usage by half and generate Carbon Offsets, with which she will repay the Carbon Investor. After this, we visited an FCN Member NGO in Rajasthan to get a practical understanding on project implementation.

The FCN Convener and Facilitator visited our villages in May 2017, and declared that FCN would mobilise ₹ 1 crore to assist 2,800 "business women" in Almora and Nainital districts. Integra Microsystems, a Bangalore based IT Company, and founding member of the Fair Climate Network, agreed to themselves forward purchase GS VERs to offset their company emissions, and also set up a Crowdfunding platform to involve more software companies.

With a bridging loan provided by FCN, we started this project by distributing 1,000 Greenway Stoves to 500 End User women in 7 villages in June 2018. In each village, the women have selected a Monitor who will make household visits and strictly monitor usage. A revolution started with this "Social Business" which was expected for a long time. On 11 July 2017 an ERPA was signed with Integra Microsystems.

Case Studies