Replacing Incandescent Bulbs CDM Projects

Replacing Incandescent Bulbs

Replacing Incandescent light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) can be taken up for houses connected to the grid. This results in a saving of energy.

CFL lamps were introduced into India already in the early '90s. 15 years down the line, the penetration rate is still very low, especially in rural homes. The high price of branded lamps and disappointment with the poor quality of low priced one is the barrier. It is unlikely that the poor rural consumers will shift to CFL lamps without CDM support.

Households who voluntarily choose to participate can be given CFL lamps free of cost, or at a minimal contribution equal to the cost of an incandescent bulb. The cost of the lamps, and subsequent monitoring to ensure that households do not revert back to incandescent bulbs, can be covered through the forward sale of CERs to a carbon investor.

The aggregate energy savings in a single PDD is a limited to 60 GW hours per year.