Tech Team Members

Ram Esteves - FCN Convenor/FCS Managing Director

Ram Esteves

A product of the late 60's, Ram Esteves dropped out of college in 1971 and went to live and work with the rural poor at Rayalaseema Development Trust, founded by Fr. Vincent Ferrer. He developed an intimate relationship with, and nuanced understanding of the everyday lives of the rural poor. He quickly rose to be the General Secretary of RDT and was initiated to senior managerial responsibility in the world's largest development NGO.

After 7 years, he and a committed group of young people moved to Bagepalli in Karnataka, where they founded ADATS. Ram Esteves is the Project Director of ADATS for the past 40 years. He has valuable experience in community organisation, empowerment, and rural development in general.

His 23 year-long involvement with climate change dates well before the Kyoto Protocol. ADATS registered the world's first pro-poor CDM Project. From when FCN was formed to scale-up and propagate climate actions across India, he has steered the Network to where it is now. In April 2011, Fair Climate Services Pvt Ltd was registered as the holding company with Ram Esteves as Managing Director.

He enjoys acceptability and trust in the NGO sector, and steadfastly defends a local environmental take on climate change as expressed by rural women and represented by grassroots NGOs. This enables him to shepherd organisational change to adopt new age business requirements, not just in the organisations he leads, but also in FCN Member NGOs. He uses his experience to build capacity, network with corporates, research organizations, academicians and climate activists.

Sudha Padmanabha - Senior CDM Specialist

Sudha Padmanabha

Sudha has a doctorate in Botany from Bangalore University. She worked as a Research Associate for 11 years at Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in Forest Management, Forestry Mitigation Studies, Biomass Studies, GHG Inventory of Land Use Change and Forestry Sector.

From 2005 to 2009, she headed the CDM activities of a French Renewable Energy Company and was involved in writing PDDs, Validation, Registration, Monitoring and Verification of Biomass and Hydro Projects for the company in India and Brazil.

For the past 24 years, long before the Fair Climate Network was formed, Sudha worked closely with ADATS to develop pro-poor projects that tapped carbon resources for the sustainable development of the poor.

Vivy Jacob Thomas - Finance Manager

Vivy Jacob Thomas

Vivy has worked in the development sector for the past 39 years. He started this career in 1982 with ADATS, Bagepalli, where he worked for 23 years. His last held position was as Finance Director.

Since then, worked with Context India, in their Hybrid Auto rickshaw Project to improve the social conditions of the auto drivers while at the same time to improve the environmental aspects. He was also involved in developing a tool for measuring Social Return on investment (SROI).

Nayan Madappa - Projects Manager

Nayan Madappa

Nayan has 2 years of experience working in the corporate sector and as a part time lecturer at St. Joseph's College of Art and Science, Bangalore. After having close ties with the FCN over the past few years, he has been contributing to the overall objectives of the network, working with rural families all over India, to improve their standard of living through the implementation of pro-poor CDM projects. He has been working with all Member NGOs to develop their own climate teams and facilitate Capacity Building trainings to these Climate team members. He has also been developing Financial Projections for various technologies for the registered projects of Member NGOs who are awaiting Carbon Investors for implementation.

Waheed - FCN Facilitator

Mohammed Waheed

Waheed joined ADATS in July 2009, immediately after High School. He worked in the Children's Programme and then with Coolie Youth. In November 2010 he shifted to the Biogas CDM Project of the Bagepalli Coolie Sangha, where he built 992 units for poor women in Chickballapur district.

In May 2014 FCN sent him to Accion Fraterna, Anantapur, to facilitate the development of their Climate Team. He helped introduce appropriate systems, procedures and a business sense through everyday accompaniment. He explained concepts, imbibed a sense of purpose, taught skills and provided in-field guidance to a team of 8 Case Workers to implement their 2,500 units Biogas CDM Project. His role was to protect FCN investment by enhancing efficiency and increasing worker productivity.

He personally built another 334 Biogas units at Accion Fraterna while, at the same time, carrying out FCN assignments at other Client NGOs. In May 2016 he returned to work full time in the Tech Team.