Who are we?

109 persons, comprising Development Workers, Climate Change activists, environmentalists, scientists and other professionals from India and abroad have got together to form the Fair Climate Network. They represent 35 Grassroots NGOs who work with the rural poor, and 24 support organisations. 6 Network members participate in their individual capacity.

Our purpose is to facilitate and capacitate grassroots bodies to develop pro-poor CDM Projects in India and tap carbon resources for the sustainable development of the poorest of the poor. 31 of us have taken the plunge.

We are an open and welcoming Network who have met at Bagepalli 7 times in the past 3 and a half years, and the numbers are growing with each meeting.

The Fair Climate Network is a Gold Standard NGO supporter. Our Network also takes a critical position on CDM, and many FCN Members play an active role in CDM Watch.

How do we support?

We are a multilateral body that meets regularly to offer ideas, support and solidarity to each other, our network has setup a Tech Team at Bangalore with CDM Specialists to handhold and assist in the preparation of 20 pro-poor CDM Projects to reach out to 600,000 families, and access € 100 million from Carbon investors in the next 3 years. We also have a limited bridging fund of ₹ 1.4 crores to meet shortfalls that project proponents (grassroots NGOs) may face in meeting transaction costs.

  • Scan Local Situation
  • Collect & Analyze Demographic Data
  • Develop Project Concept & Select CDM
  • Develop a Digitized Monitoring Solution
  • Determine the Baseline
  • Prepare Gold Standard Passport
  • Write the Project Design Document (PDD)
  • Validate the PDD & Passport
  • Obtain Host Country Approval
  • Register the Gold Standard CDM Project

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