ADATS is a rural development NGO that works with 54,000 small and poor peasant families in 1,249 villages of Chickballapur district, Karnataka, for the past 47 years. ADATS has successfully demonstrated sustainable pro poor climate mitigation projects that provide additional income and social benefits to communities, especially rural woman. The Fair Climate Network proliferates these projects in the country through grassroots NGOs.

ADATS been active in Climate Change for the past 28 years. Immediately after the Kyoto Protocol was ratified, ADATS registered the world's first pro-poor CDM Project with the UNFCCC in December 2005. Subsequently, 3 more were registered with the UNFCCC.

Please visit the ADATS website for more information.

Fair Climate Network

FCN has a membership of over 124 persons, comprising development workers, climate change activists, environmentalists, scientist and other professionals. They represent 87 grassroots NGOs who work directly with the rural poor, and 24 support organisations.

We set up a Tech Team with expertise in Energy Projects and Low Carbon Farming (Sustainable Agriculture incentivised with Carbon Revenue) to handhold and provide technical assistance to these NGOs.

Currently 33 NGOs are developing 38 CDM Projects. 19 of these projects have been registered and are being implemented. The rest are under development. Together 3,66,369 families, spread across India, will make a substantial Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction of 8,55,645 tCO2-e every single year.

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