FCN Standards

The Fair Climate Network has 2 uncompromising conditions before we offer support to develop, source finances and implement Climate Mitigation Projects:

  1. Community Ownership & Management of Climate Mitigation Projects by the End Users of respective technologies.
    Communities need to be fully aware as to what the Climate action is all about right from the conception of the project. Transfer of ownership should not be nominal or token. It must be done in a responsible manner through awareness creation and capacity building.
  2. Upfront, open, transparent and legally binding Carbon Revenue sharing agreements between the Project Proponent (grassroots NGO) and End User families.
    We recognise that grassroots NGOs will have overhead costs to keep their organisations afloat. They are free to take a percentage of Carbon Revenues that flow in to meet these running costs. But that share should be thoroughly discussed and arrived at with each and every End User of the technology.

FCN Standards are a layer on top of internationally recognised UNFCCC and Gold Standard Carbon certification.

During the 7-8 year ERPA period, when Carbon Investors need to be repaid with Carbon Offsets that are generated, Carbon Revenue goes to End Users for project Implementation (55%), Repair & Maintenance (4%), Monitoring, including validation, verification and issuance (14%), and non-admin Field Staff directly involved in the project (26%).

ERPA BudgetChittoorAnantapurUttarakhandTotal 
Field Staff2,59,90,9882,81,40,5301,73,44,4587,14,75,97626%