Tech Team Progress

The FCN Tech Team has facilitated the design, development and registration of 22 climate projects with the UNFCCC and/or Gold Standard. They cover 5 technologies and are located in 18 districts of 7 states.

These projects have been designed for 2,57,555 families to mitigate their climate change hardships through 5 adaptation technologies — 1,10,485 Domestic Biogas units, 1,70,970 fuel efficient Woodstoves, 27,000 safe Drinking Water systems, 12,489 Solar Lamps, and 9,405 hectares of Farm Forestry.

Currently, 91,953 End User families are actively implementing these registered projects through 1,40,756 units — i.e. 36% of potential families are using 43% of the projected units.

  • 13 projects are currently being implemented by 89,838 End User families with forward sale of yet-to-be-generated CERs/VERs.

    Of the 10.52 lakh tonnes committed under 15 ERPAs (Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements), 8.21 lakh (78%) CERs/VERs have already been delivered to 9 Carbon Investors.

    5 projects have, after clearing their ERPA commitments, generated an additional 2,03,161 CERs/VERs

    3 of the above have sold 2,26,491 tonnes in the voluntary carbon market, and distributed ₹ 14.69 crore to 8,585 End User women and 576 farmer families.

    4 more projects are on the verge of clearing their ERPAs.

  • Another 2 projects are being implemented by End User owned and managed entities with their own resources, without any external ERPA.
  • 7 projects have not been implemented for lack of funding through ERPAs and 1 is pending implementation.

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