Afforestation/Reforestation CDM

Nature based Solutions & Farm Forestry
30 Nov 2022

Dr. Yasmeen Telwala

Agroforestry enhances farmers’ ability to adapt to climate change and delivers multiple ecological, social, and economic benefits. However, scientific evidence linking agroforestry as a Nature-based Solution (NbS) to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and in particular the localization of these goals, is limited. Using case studies from Bagepalli, Yasmeen Telwala uses a qualitative research methodology to demonstrate how agroforestry offers NbS that localize 10 of 17 SDG targets. In doing so, she identifies farmers' intrinsic motivations, barriers to the adoption of agroforestry practices as means to adapt to climate hardships, and the role of the carbon market in rewarding environmental stewardship. This case study focuses on the farmers’ narratives, and puts their perspectives at the forefront, emphasizing on basic needs of the poorest of the rural poor, illustrating the “real world” setting of developing countries. 

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Afforestation Reforestation CDM Timeline
21 Feb 2010

Ram Esteves

Many grassroots NGOs want to know how to go about preparing Afforestation Reforestation CDM Projects for small and marginal farmers they work with. Based on our 6 year long experience, ADATS prepapred a timeline that gives an approximate idea of the effort and costs involved.

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