The CDM Tutorial

This section is for the uninitiated. It is an attempt at science which can be picked up by ordinary people who want an approximate understanding in order to take advantage of new opportunities opened up by the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanism.

The science of climate change, global warming, greenhouse gasses, emission reductions, et al is very advanced and difficult to grasp. The reader is advised to visit our Library, Documents and Links sections of this website where more detailed literature is contained, and nuanced arguments are followed.

The terminology and vernacular of Kyoto is complex and convoluted. It is, after all, an internationally negotiated protocol with each signatory country defending it's own interest, portending all sorts of lurking danger, and ganging up with other countries with similar interests to form vested interest groups. Woods are deliberately confused for the tree, and vice versa, to baffle the adversary and gain advantage. Every argument is backed with voluminous data and intricate science.

In this complex scenario, it is not easy to simplify all that needs to be known about the Clean Development Mechanism. Indeed, it could even be misleading to do so. The popular axiom that "There is normally a simple explanation to a complex situation; and it is normally wrong!" is especially applicable here.