Concept Notes/PIN

To get a Letter of Approval for a CDM project activity from the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India, the Project Concept Note has to cover:

  1. Name of Project
  2. Location of Project (Village/ District/ State)
  3. Name of Project Sponsor(s) & Contact details
  4. Name of Project (Developer/ Consultant) & Contact details
  5. Ownership details of Project Sponsor(s) Company
  6. CER sharing arrangements amongst Project Sponsors
  7. Project description
  8. Technology to be employed (whether state of art/Technological innovation, if any)
  9. Transfer of Technology (methodology)
  10. Project start date
  11. Project completion date
  12. Project Life time
  13. Status of Project Clearances
  14. Status of Resource inputs
  15. Financing details of the Project
  16. Total CDM contribution sought
  17. CDM contribution expected upfront
  18. Indicative CER price
  19. Name & Address of buyer of CER's
  20. Cost of CER to the Company
  21. IRR and DSCR without CER Revenue
  22. IRR and DSCR with CER Revenue
  23. Whether any ODA is flowing to the Project
  24. Subsidy element if any in the project & source
  25. Total cost of the Project
  26. In Indian Rs.
  27. Break up of Foreign currency (if any)
  28. Transaction Cost
  29. Whether Project appraised by any Financial Institution
  30. Financial Closure
  31. Expected date of first CER delivery & CER (Revenue) flow yearwise
  32. Crediting period
  33. Estimate of GHG abatement in tCO2 eq. (Year wise)
  34. Baseline Methodology (Approved or New)
  35. Whether EIA conducted for the project
  36. Sustainable Development Criteria
  37. Specific global & local environmental benefits
  38. Socio-economic aspects
  39. Local stake holders comments
  40. Environment Management Programme
  41. Project risks (Economic, Legal, Political, Social & Environmental)
  42. Project promoter credentials
  43. (No. of Projects promoted in the past & their status)
  44. Developer / Consultant credentials
  45. Comments of MoEF/ Line Ministry (If any)

Twenty copies of this note have to be put on top of twenty copies of the PDD, bound together and submitted to the Ministry along with 2 CDs with the Project Concept Note and the PDD on it.

The Ministry will invite the Project Participant and CDM Consultant to a face to face meeting, and then give the Host Country Approval.