AF Biogas Project

AF Biogas Project

Accion Fraterna Ecology Centre (AF) is a 42 year old grassroots NGO based in one of the poorest and drought hit districts of India. AF has promoted 809 community groups benefitting 30,000 small and marginal farmers owning 337,500 farm fields. The programme focus is on sustainable agriculture and rural livelihoods, accessing basic services and alternative livelihoods for rural youth and women.

AF is one of the founding members of the Fair Climate Network. In January 2012, Accion Fraterna registered a Biogas CDM Project with the UNFCCC to build 15,000 domestic Biogas units for as many drought hit families in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

ERPA with IndiGo

In February 2014 the Fair Climate Network entered into a partnership with IndiGo, India's largest domestic airline, to reduce GHG emissions. Under an ERPA, IndiGo purchased 66,523 yet-to-be-generated CERs from Accion Fraterna for a total of ₹ 8.5 crore on behalf of its passengers. These CERs will not be traded in the International Carbon Market; they will be retired in the UNFCCC Retirement Registry. Thereby IndiGo will facilitate passengers to make a real and absolute contribution to GHG reduction, while at the same time promoting sustainable development for rural households.

Direct Implementation by FCN

In June 2018, after building 2,507 Biogas units Accion Fraterna handed over the implementation and continued monitoring of the project to FCN.

Accion Fraterna recognized that while they were is quite good in efficient implementation of projects and creating good Outputs for beneficiaries, they were not quite as effective in providing the very long-term follow-up of monitoring, repair and maintenance that climate projects demand. It is in this post-construction phase that Outputs need to be transformed into Outcomes owned by beneficiaries, and a lasting climate Impact has to be created.

FCN had the experience skills and proven strategies to motivate both, communities as well as secondary stakeholders to take efforts the extra mile needed to obtain lasting Results.

However, Accion Fraterna is the registered legal project proponent with the UNFCCC and it is non-transferable. AF takes total responsibility for the project and for every Rupee received to implement the project, retire and deliver CERs to IndiGo as per ERPA commitments.


3,356 Biogas units were built in 173 villages and 2,734 got commissioned. Over the past 8 years, 3,876 problems were found and 3,457 fixed. Overall functionality is at 93%.

59,624 GS CERs generated and 39,590 tonnes retired on behalf of IndiGo, clearing 60% of ERPA commitment.

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